Skid Steer Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Our pre-built hydraulic hose assemblies for skid steers are designed with high-quality materials and precision to ensure a perfect fit and reliable performance. Need a more tailored solution? We also offer customizable hydraulic hose assemblies. Choose hose size, length, fittings, and optional crimping to get the perfect fit. Whether you need a replacement hose assembly or a custom solution, we are here to help.

Build Your Own Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Choose your hydrualic hose ID ( inner diameter ) to start building your custom hose.

3/8" 1/2"

Skid Steer Hydraulic Fitting Types

NPTF Fittings

NPTF hydraulic fitting

NPTF fittings have specially designed threads that create a strong, leakproof mechanical seal without the use of sealant, making them a very popular choice for attachment side connections and custom applications.

JIC 37 Degree Fittings

JIC 37 degree hydraulic fitting

JIC ( joint industry council ) fittings are a compression fitting with a 37 degree flare seating surface. These fittings offer better sealing capabilities than NPTF and can withstand higher working pressure.

O-Ring Boss Fittings

ORB hydraulic fitting

O-Ring Boss ( ORB ) fittings are a straight threaded hydraulic fitting that uses an o-ring to seal the connection. This type of fitting is used for medium to high pressure hydraulic systems

Hydraulic Hoses By Part Number

Have the part number of the hose you need? View our pre-built hydrualic hose selection to see if we have that part number.

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