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10 x 16.5 Titan® HD 2000 II || Skid Steer Tire ( Heavy-Duty )

ASI # 3721

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10 x 16.5 Titan® HD 2000 II Premium Skid Steer Tire ( Heavy-Duty )

  • This is One 10"x16.5" Tire Only
  • Fits rims size 16.5 x 8.25  
  • Before you purchase this, email us your serial number and we will let you know if this will fit your machine.  

Product Details : 

Titan®'s Premium 10x16.5 conventional skid steer tire is the perfect upgrade for your machine. Larger tread lugs, heavier side walls, & a deeper tread depth are just a few reasons why many skid steer operators choose to run this tire on their machines. American engineered and manufactured out of premium rubber compounds gives this skid steer tire superior durability & puncture resistance to withstand any harsh terrain you may encounter on the job site. The heavy-duty rim guard protects your skid steer's rim from scrapes when working in tight spaces while the thicker side walls help protect against punctures and prevents tire fold when turning with a heavy load. Unlike some of the cheaper 10x16.5 tires found on the market today, this tire does not "balloon" when fully inflated and has long tread wear life during normal machine-hour applications such as agriculture, rental, landscaping, and construction. Weighing in at a hefty 56lbs, this tire is built tough and is ready to take on whatever the jobsite puts in its path. See the difference and upgrade your machine's tires for improved reliability and performance.





Larger Tread Lugs & Deeper Tread depth. The self cleaning, interlocking tread design ensures a smooth ride while the deeper tread depth provides optimum traction and greatly improves the overall life of the tire. Larger tread lugs also aide in a quieter ride, and improves traction by maximizing the ground contact area on each tire. 




Superior Durability and Rim Protection. A significantly thicker side wall improves the overall tire structure, making the tire more ridged and prevents side wall failure when turning the machine at full load. The deeper tread lugs and thicker side walls help reduce the threat of chips, slashes, or punctures from stopping your machine in its tracks, costing you both time and money. An improved, more heavy duty rim guard protects your rim from scratches and bends.  

Tire Specifications :

  • Size : 10" x 16.5"
  • TT / TL : Tubeless
  • Inflation Pressure : 60 psi
  • Max Load MPH : 5 mph
  • Max Load : 4140lbs
  • Ply Rating / Load Index : 8
  • Rolling Circumference : 91"
  • Overall Diameter : 30.3"
  • Loaded Radius : 14.1
  • Rim Width : 8.25
  • Tire Width : 10.5"
  • Middle Tread Depth : 25/32" ( 19.84 mm )
  • Edge of Tread Depth : 1" ( 25.4 mm )
  • Weight : 56lbs
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Brand : Industrial®
AllSkidsteers Number : 3721
Replaces OEM Part Number :
Fits All Models Machines : Yes

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